Little Luna Lou

This is Luna. She is a four and a half month old ragdoll kitten who lives in an itty bitty apartment with her people who she loves so much that she can't wait 'til they wake up in the morning so she wakes them up herself. With exuberant face-smashing. It's her own version of the cheek rubbing most cats do to mark their territory. But Luna doesn't rub, she smashes her cold wet nose and cheek with alacrity against her people's sleeping faces.

She finds this to be a satisfactory way of gaining attention and usually willing snuggles. She is also fond of the head butt and the paws-on-the-shoulder-nose-rub. She is a lap cat. She loves to jump after toys. Her favourite place in the world is one of her people's shoulders. Preferably the male one's. His are broader giving her better purchase and he doesn't mind so much when her front paws make their way atop his head to give her more height. He likes to think that she's his parrot. Arrgh. She likes to think that he is a lookout tower, a ladder, and a great place to attack flies that won't come down from the ceiling.

When she's finally tired out from a day of activity she'll sleep on any warm lap that will have her. Her favourite sleepy place is the inside of a zipped up hoodie. It's so warm. She likes warm so much that she'll spend an hour or two in front of the gas fireplace. Unfortunately she's burnt her lips a few times by face-smashing it to mark it as hers. That's okay because hurt lip usually means antibiotics which means extra wet food. Yum!

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