Climbing Kitten

Lou does this ninja climbing trick, despite the fact that she is no longer an itty bitty kitty! As long as we remember to keep her nails in check, it's ok. Otherwise... ouch.

Cat Nap

Kitty cat masks from Naomilingerie. Perfect for an afternoon nap with your favourite fuzzy friend.

Egyptian Street Cats

Not all kitties have pampered lives, but they all have a sort of innate dignity.

The Cat's House

The Cat's House, full tour on Apartment Therapy.

Lou would love this! It might actually give her enough to do that she isn't constantly begging for attention in the mornings. Or.. not. I think we need to get her another kitten as a companion. Yay for reasons to get more kitteh in our lives, but boo for too little space. We shall see how it goes.


What beautiful eyes she has!


I want one of these, check out those ears, they are miniscule! I don't know where this photo came from, but it is awesome. Do you?

Kitteh Roulette

Need a giggle or hit of kitteh? Check out:

A new kitteh video on every reload. Hours and hours of entertainment!

Always be prepared

This little monster should make an appearance on The Catorialist.

Cat Pounce from Fred

Intense! I love how you can see the cat's pupils dilate when the toy jingles. What a beautiful kitty.

Cat Pounce from Fred.

I can haz Pizza?

These images would make a good Pizza Hut campaign. As seen on the Flickr Blog.
What's the weirdest thing your pet likes to eat? Luna likes frozen peas and she comes running whenever I get the bag out of the freezer. Weird? Probably, but they're one of my favourite snacks too, so she comes by it honestly.

Little Baby Lou

This is the picture of baby Luna that made me fall in love with her. She's about 6 weeks old here, wasn't she a fluffy little ball of adorable? We brought her home two weeks later and since then she has grown so much. When we first met she wasn't much of a snuggler. Her brother was though, and as soon as he saw Mo, he burrowed inside his hoodie and wouldn't come out. I wanted a girl and I loved Lou's white face mask and her pink nose so we spent a while deliberating while we cuddled and played with the kittens and their parents. Not a bad way to spend your evening! In the end, Lou won and I got my way :) and although she is a trouble-making little monster sometimes, she is also a face smashing snorgle champion and we love her very much.

The Real Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty costume available here.

Cool Dudes and the Cats They Love

All images yoinked from a new favourite: Cute Boys with Cats.


Luckily for kitties and humans alike, not much is contagious between the two species. Yawns, however, are a different story.

Kitty Sling

Luna likes sitting in my arms so much that I've been joking about buying a sling so that I can keep my hands free to type while she snoozes.

Who knew they actually made such things! I once saw someone pushing their miniature poodle in a stroller and thought that was the extreme. Apparently this is:

Available here.

Cat Hats

These crocheted kitty cat hats from xmoonbloom are so cute, I had to post them all. I would have such a hard time deciding which to buy. I think the monster is my favourite. Or the classic bear. Or the fantastical unicorn. They also sell the crochet patterns if you are craftily inclined so you can make them yourself. Adorable!

Etsy Roundup for Kitties

Creative Kitty Striped Tattoo Scratching Pod for Cats
made by TattooDreams.


Adorable Mini Bunny Bun stuffed toys, perfect for Easter! Made by arixystix. They come in pink and blue and also ickle yellow duckling shape. I think I'd probably like these better than Luna would. In my opinion kitty toys should be both adorable and functional. Lou usually just goes for a rolled up paper ball or a long string. Oh well. :)


This literal take on a cat tree is amazing. Take a look at some of their other designs at their etsy shop PetTreeHouses.


Super cute Custom Kitty Silhouette of your own little fuzz ball. From JennyLeeFowler.


Bright Striped Cotton Knit Catnip Mouse made by VivaLeChat.


Feathered Friend Cat Toy. A mini-turkey on a string, what cat wouldn't love this? Made by tabithamae.


Sometimes kitties name themselves. What a little cutie.

ChristinaBeanah's kitten Moo.

Dun-a-na-na-na-na-na-na CATMAN!

I wish I knew whose cat this is! What a cool dude.

Image found through

Little Luna Lou

This is Luna. She is a four and a half month old ragdoll kitten who lives in an itty bitty apartment with her people who she loves so much that she can't wait 'til they wake up in the morning so she wakes them up herself. With exuberant face-smashing. It's her own version of the cheek rubbing most cats do to mark their territory. But Luna doesn't rub, she smashes her cold wet nose and cheek with alacrity against her people's sleeping faces.

She finds this to be a satisfactory way of gaining attention and usually willing snuggles. She is also fond of the head butt and the paws-on-the-shoulder-nose-rub. She is a lap cat. She loves to jump after toys. Her favourite place in the world is one of her people's shoulders. Preferably the male one's. His are broader giving her better purchase and he doesn't mind so much when her front paws make their way atop his head to give her more height. He likes to think that she's his parrot. Arrgh. She likes to think that he is a lookout tower, a ladder, and a great place to attack flies that won't come down from the ceiling.

When she's finally tired out from a day of activity she'll sleep on any warm lap that will have her. Her favourite sleepy place is the inside of a zipped up hoodie. It's so warm. She likes warm so much that she'll spend an hour or two in front of the gas fireplace. Unfortunately she's burnt her lips a few times by face-smashing it to mark it as hers. That's okay because hurt lip usually means antibiotics which means extra wet food. Yum!
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