Etsy Cat Toy Roundup

Luna and I have been mining the mountain that is Etsy in search of the greatest kitty cat toys available so far in 2013. The following have met our exacting standards:

1. The TuxandTabby House Cat Box contains everything you need to keep him happy. The toys are made with high quality British wool, catnip and jingle bells and the packaging is adorably Alice in Wonderland-y. Luna also highly recommends a window for your indoor kitty. With a view of birds. Was that a bird?

2. Frosted Donuts with Sprinkles and Catnip made by FidotheCat. With Luna's penchant for cakes and cookies (seriously, she will try to steal them directly from your mouth) she absolutely loves this combination of her favourite things: Pastry, Catnip and something squishy to MURDER.

3. Also on the human-food-related front is the Meowadays Catnip spiked Sushi toy set. Your kitteh can haz some sashimi of their very own. Be sure to serve with chopsticks!

4. Is your kitty a fan of Nemo? Or does she want to chew his face off? Either way this Clown Fish catnip cat toy from CindysThreadCraft will fulfill your cat's Nemo-loving needs! Adorable!

5. I sometimes think Luna is from space, so this felted catnip filled UFO Alien Spaceship toy from Mycrobe should make her feel at home. Maybe she can communicate with the mothership: Beep-bop-boo-bo-meow. 

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